Chapter 1: War in a pocket (Mid-Sized) (Contains: Slightly cruel humor, violences.)Edit

In the snow-swarmed Tundra planet, out on the edge of the Canidae Section of the galaxy. An awaiting event will be activated. Many question will stack top of each other, Curiousity will raise. Time, is the answer for your answers.

It was a fairly short outpost, owned by the Canine Republic. An unfortniate time sadly, as an unexpected skirmish shall appear in their eyes. A canine, patroling the snow shore felt a rumble under him, hearing a growl of an engine, most of the sound concelled in the water. Curiousity wins over him, as he took a closer look to see what machinery could be in the water.

Suddenly, a tank and buggy hybrid climbs out of the water, quickly silencing panic that was to be yelled out. The whole outpost heard the shooting, the garrison was alerted. More of the "light tanks" emerged from the water, seemingly and undoubtibly forming a raid, the canine garrison was outgunned. The tanks moved throughout the outpost, sweeping those out of the way with their 20mm autocannons.

After some minutes of seeking and killing. The tanks, 4 of them regrouped at the gate. The drivers exited their tanks, 8 foxes, 5 of them devout loyalists. Then the others; Anakin, Chatterwhite, and Tritin. As in the name, Chatterwhite's fur color everywhere is white. Tritin's appearance consinces of a teal fur color, with yellow socks, tailtip, and muzzle.

Chatterwhite: "You know, Anakin. These weren't made for underwater traverse..."

Anakin: *Short Snicker* "I didn't know know you were seasick"

"I'm more of an air person. You brought me to the opposite of my adventages..."

"It worked, didn't it?"

Tritin: "Bare-freaking-ly"

Chatterwhite: "Is this how we start? In this snowy wasteland? How are going to get the others?"

Anakin: "This outpost is marking the south of this snowland, There's a welcoming station to the southeast."

"Is all of this really a good idea? One screw up will be our end."

"I am a bit nervous too, but instead, think if we success."


"Raise your hopes, we will do this. For now, I suggest we rest and convert their equipment to ours."

Chatterwhite and Tritin nod, and walked to the buildings.

Anakin: "This might be distasteful! But wrap the bodies in bags!

Chatterwhite: "Need you not remind me..." *Distaste Groan*

Anakin: *Snicker, afterwards a sigh* "I hope we can round the other devouts..."

Chapter 2: A Slight Taste of Fear (Contains: Slight humor)Edit

All of them assumed working positions. Chatterwhite scavaged for weapons and materials, Tritin and Anakin rearranged the tanks, the devout overwatched. The progression was slow, possibly due to the doubts they had. They poked a major faction with a sharp stick. If they don't strike and organize themselves, all of this will be a waste. Anakin entered the barracks, meeting Chatterwhite there.

Chatterwhite: "How will they know the signal, do you know that if they're even still alive?"

"We're connected like programs on the externet."

"Like a phone in confreins call that never stops?"

"Basicly, yes."

"That has to be annoying... how you live like that?"

"They can serious and quiet... they treat me like a father. Which I dislike... Nevertheless I still spawned them. The point being that they're underground, waiting for our call."

"So they're slaves?"

  • Growl* "No. They're. Not. They are sentient like you. Just better then the average organic..."

Tritin: "When are we going to uh... go out...? And who's going to watch this camp?"

Anakin: "Will you? Do you mind watching?"

"No, I don't. How about we split 2 and 2 tanks?"

"3 and 1, Chatterwhite and I can silently escort our reinforcements. It's going to be long however and complicated however. As we will need fuel if we stop at the southeast defensepost. Sneak the devouts pass their terminal scanners, and do the trail of tears all over again"

"And I get to stay...?"

"Yes, why?"

"No reason..."

Tritin left the barracks as fast as he can with walking, as he hides the childish smile that possibly shows him saying in his mind "No painfully long trips for me."

Chatterwhite was concerned.

"Why didn't you think this through."

"I'm not a mastermind..."

"You're a fox..."

"Yes, and we foxes develop ideas throughout the time. Now be ready at 45 (Minutes)."


Anakin and Chatterwhite rested in the barrack, savoring and regaining energy for a "mission".