This is a story I decided to write about my old cat tribe. The members of the tribe are featured on my User Page. However, other members may be added, there. 

 Introduction Edit

 Night-teeming creatures of all shapes and sizes prowled the night, ranging from largest of snarling Jackals with mouths cloaked with foam, and strings of drool dripping from their long fangs, to the smallest minnows with round, clear eyes of onyx, rimmed with Creamy-White. 

 However, the most distributed visitors to the forest were cats. 

 These felines were named, according to the Tyu peoples, the Gytres os fokres tee, which meant Guardians of the Forest. These cats ranged from the size of the average, house-hold kit, to the largest of jaguars, tigers, lions, and even ligers. 

 These cats were known as the Tribe of Tyulyisus. 

 Chapter 1 :: UistlreEdit

 The Cosir-jyrr Forest was in its Jhries stage, or, as known by the humans, who were offically-called the Ghrus-Rters, Autumn. 

 Meanwhile, stalking the foliage beneath a Ponderosa Pine, stood a large, thick-furred tom-cat. He had long, silky, Jet-Black fur, which was adorned long swathes of Pure-White. Parting the fur down his right shoulder, lay a long, pink, bulging scar that snaked across like a snake. The tom was mumbling to himself, his glaring Emerald-Green eyes glinting with discordance, and his pupils dilated to narrow, Obsidian-Black slits. Leaping over a large pile of protruding, jagged sticks, bristling with long, lethal splinters with the grace of a swan, he landed lightly on cushions of Grass-Green moss draped across the base of a gnarled oak, and he sniffed for the scents of the prey-animals that scurried the forest. Mice, squirrels, chipmunks, voles.. It all varied. He licked his chops. He was eager to find some fresh meat. 

 As the tom proceeded to claw his way up a Hyperion, his keen hearing caught the Squirrel chatter. 

 Quickly, he spiraled speedily up the tree, and lay crouched low against the branch right below the squirrel. As soon as he felt the time to strike was now, his paw lashed out above him, claws unsheathing like hooks, and ripping the fur off of the squirrel's dangling tail, and had caused it to tumble over. Then, the tom snatched up the squirrel with his other paw, and grabbed it in his jaws.