Legions Dark spirit-appearing demonic foxes with white, pupil-less eyes that are silence, skilled, heartless, assassins. Their brotherhood were created (Or technically, "Semi-Cloned") out of Anakin, and their minds are connected to Anakin's.


Enkindled, Connected, and bathed in Darkness. With significant amount of sacrificial foxes, the mind and will of a wild soul, and use of dark energy created the first devouts. Devouts can easily be called a sub-species of foxes. But Devouts has tall amount of differences, potentally more adventages. They are all connected, similiar to phone conference calls.

Their orginial propose was to wage war and kill those responsible of the usual crime and sin, nothing else. After some time, It was obvious to Anakin that mindless killing beings would be unimaginative. Another rounds of weeks passed by. The minds of the devouts were improved, making them more lifelike was achieved. A little too lifelike, devouts were now extremely friendly. But at the same time, wildly hostile to those who housed "uncleaned souls", involving a large amount of bodial feature losses against the Devout's enemies.

Battles passed by, the toll of dead Devouts was raising like a skyscraper on paper. The Devout spawn/death ratio was very low. In order to combat these troubles, the Devouts' body structure thickness and durability was increased "enough". Also, the requirements to kill a Devout changed too. They no longer die like ordinary organics, they had to be "overloaded" by rapid repeated strikes to their structure. The stronger the will, the more strikes it'll take all at once to kill a Devout.

Enhanced Devout ClassesEdit

These devout are granted the ability to talk, they still have no visible mouth. These devout combine their tools with outsider's of their realm. Meaning unlike other devouts. They wield weapons while holding on to some devout Technics. They have discarded the ability for their souls to act like mines. They are also slightly taller then basic devouts.


These are the heaviest of all devout, and act as support or anti-tank infantry. Carring shoulder mounted beam rifles, due to it's weight and the devout's average strength, these troops volunteered to be genetically modified to have minimum problems running while carrying these. They also have the strongest personal  dark particle shield, simlier to the 'Nights.

  • Repulse
  • Motion Blast
  • Unbroken Stand
  • Insanity


The calmest of all devouts. They used their crafted dark shredder guns to tear through intruders. However, unlike the Defiler, they have a sword and are trained to use it defensively. A note is that they seem to have a tail in shape of a lion's. However, they aren't part lion, they just have their tails carefully shaved to look like a lion's to symbolize their unquestionable loyalty and calmness.

  • Motion Blast
  • Unbroken Stand

Soul DestroyerEdit

One with the shadows, they combine a balanced amount of dark powers and weaponry to personally relief people from the world of the living. Featuring a cloak power, dark-infused knives, and a Skinripper shotgun that tears skins apart with a dark fire affect.

  • Cloak
  • Insanity

Skull BreakerEdit

Deadly and Sinister with their powerful marksman rifles. With a harder impact then your average hand cannon. While having a cloak similer to Soul Destroyers, it's far inferior but acts camo-like. Safeguarding them from afar. Like other weaponized devout, they lack shadowist powers. They are also Equiped with a medium blade for close encounters.

  • Cloak (Underpowered)
  • Motion Blast


They show what it's like to be so swift, moblie, and flexible. Grabbing gravity and pulling themselves with it, blinking/teleporting to and around their targets. Wielding the same skin-devouring auto rifles and medium-sized as the mainline Loyalist.

  • Blink (Short Range, requires grip of gravity to manipulate own position)


Infused with a desire to burn all of their troubles away. Hauling their equipment to enemy infantry to show them hell in it's small and simplest image. Their flames are more enhanced, purified then what the average flamethrower can produce. Unlike other devouts, their equipment must be constructed and equipped naturally and they don't use any kind of powers. Their role is similier to soul destroyers, with less stealth.

High DevoutEdit

The officers, guardians, and supervisors of their own kind. They are much taller then their younger devout brothers.

'Night (The knight of the Night)Edit

The gladiators of the devouts, able to form their own sword and shield with dark particles. Also able to use an ample amount of powers. They are the frontline troops that goes up to their enemies, brawling or steamrolling over them with their discipline, strength, and sword skills.

  • Motion Blast
  • Dark Devastator
  • Repulse


Feminine devouts, who glow dark purple instead of dark grey. They focus on supporting on their allies with various shadow abilities. They also possess a unique power of their own. To teleport other allies mid-range. Despite that wield no weapons they are consider very dangerous due to their claws, fangs, agility, and flexibility. Making them a worthy support and skirmisher in battles.

  • Motion Blast
  • Cleanse Field
  • Repulse
  • Dark Devastator
  • Blink (Teleport)
  • Kindness of the shadows
  • Major Power Resistance
  • Mark of the Redeemer

Ascendancy DevoutEdit


Excels at anything and everything, yet it doesn't. This devout is skilled to preform any task or in any position. A single-blade gladiator, a marksmen, or even an adept. Think of it as an overcharged mixture of a Ascended and Loyalist.


Twin bladed fury, always in their enemies' faces, challenging them, asking them to "bladedance", or brawl. Wildly suppressing with their swords, exploiting openings to quickly slitting their consciousness from the world of the living. Unlike the 'Night, they have ample powers to make sure their opponents fear and respect them.