Sugar Cookies are a type of cookie that are very popular. However, chocolate-chips are way more popular. They are usually decorated with fancy designs, or sprinkles on top! Usually you seem a pink-creamy delicious layer on top. They are very easy to bake and are delicious (So Fans say). They are one of the 2nd most popular cookies in the cookie-family-tree. Sometimes during the winter, many humans make Winter Wonderland sugar cookies, with a sky-blue creamy layer on top! Mostly, no one puts a creamy layer on top and eats the cookie plain. The cookie is very soft, and delicate. 

Fans Opinions:Edit

"They are magical cookies and are delicious!"

"They are also very crunchy."

"I cannot believe how soft this is!"

"Ugh, this tastes so plain and dull, chocolate-chips are so better!"