The Skeletal Forest is a theoretically-made land of Forest that Cryptozoologists believe the mysterious Cassie resides. The following is an excerpt taken from the research Journal of the Cryptozoologist that made the theory of the Skeletal Forest.: 

   "It is a dark, barren, haunting place. The trees are bare, with branches stretching out like a Jet-Black, skeleton's fingers. The ground is speckled with dead grasses and mysteriously glowing fungi glowing among the roots of the gnarled, ancient trees. Gray, dead shrubs with limply hanging branches with sparse, dead leaves clinging to it speck the landscape. Occasionally, bleached Rabbit skulls and the skeletal hands of unfortunate victims are found lying on the thin, lifeless soil. Scraps of tough leather of some sort are also found." 

   No one is certain that Cassie lives in the Skeletal Forest, much less if it even exists. Groups of Cryptozoologists, biologists, and other breeds of Scientists have set out on journeys to find the Skeletal Forest, and perhaps even traces of Cassie. As of now, they have yet to have returned.