Nikita is a blue-pawed black and white female Jackal.

Being a sister of Anakin. She retains some of his features. Like "editing" her bones to switch between feral and anthropomorphic stances. However there are some notable differences.

  • Female
  • Prefers stealth and less graphical kills, unlike Anakin.
  • Seems normal to the average feral. (And girl...) Only she has the same bloodline as Anakin.
  • More clam and talkative.
  • A more social personality.
  • Usually takes things more slowly... And away.
  • Weaker due to absent demonic features.
  • Isn't vampiric nor has physical demonic features.
  • No powers.

Some similarities are...

  • Likes killing, without the gore.
  • Independent. Doesn't take orders or commands from ANYONE.
  • Can be rampant like Anakin.
  • Adores close combat.
  • Laughs at death as if it were a joke. (To enemies, not allies nor friends)
  • Lacks response in quick-pace actions like Anakin.
  • Demonic. (Spiritually)

Anakin and Nikita treat and care for each other as loving sibling. The two will do whatever it takes to defend and assist each other.

However, strangly,  if one of them is attacked by a person they know. They will both be rampent and will attack crazily as if they were wild animals.

Nikita Happy

A rampant Nikita.


An angry Nikita