The Mobile Armed Freelancer Fortress (Named from the Cosmic Rebels) is one of the human-made fortresses from the Japans Rising Suns' aresenal in the Red alert Era.

In a battle, Anakin, a former army commmander, used to be a terrorist for the coporation: Future Tech.

Later on, Anakin quit and kept some of the Rising Sun tech.

The MAFF/Former Giga Fortress is huger then a hotel and has been modified by Anakin from the inside to change the rooms.


The MAFF itself on the outside.


  • Crew quarters with rooms 1-12. (Contains a 3 story living room, Catwalks on 2 and 3 and the 1 floor has each 4 rooms)
  • Bridge.
  • Cafitera.
  • Turret Controls.