Jessica is a female, who is immortal for unknown reasons.


Jessica appears to have long blonde locks, and occasionally has a plum-purple bow tied on the back of her head. Her eyes are Burnt-sienna and are described as wide and one of her best features. Jessica has an old-fashioned, 1930's dress. She is bare-foot and has a perfume called "Lavender Vintage." Another accessory Jessica has is a maroon-colored pearl necklace. 


She is often depressed, remorseful, and lonely. Jessica is a loner, and lives in an unknown island located off the Indian Ocean, which has been undiscovered. She is mute, and cannot hear. Jessica cares for the environment greatly. She also is a vegetarian. She also is very intelligent, due to her immortality, and other reasons that will not be shared. 

Weapons Edit

Though Jessica is deaf, that doesn't stop her from fighting the harsh life in the wild. Jessica has a dagger, to cut down coconuts on trees, or if it comes in handy for life-threatening situations. Sometimes, if she has to without a choice, Jessica must kill an animal if it tries to maul/kill her. Due to this, her dagger comes in handy, and she is grateful. 


  • Jessica's full name is unknown.
  • Her mother passed away when Jessica was born.
  • Sadly, Jessica has a few disorders, and often feels suicidal at times.