Darkcloudis a 17 year old pony. She is not welcoming to almost everyone she meets, but after time she will begin to accept you. 

Insane Darkcloud
"WHAT?!?!? I am TOTALLY sane!!"
First Works at Rainbow Factory and has killed most of her family
Second Does not know how to be sane/does not know sane side
Third Threatens to kill you if you don't like what she does
Other attributes

Sane Darkcloud
"Sorry for the trouble I caused...heheh..."
First Does not know what insane means/Does not know insane side
Second Is not as tomboyish, is much more girly
Third Will help you if you are struggling with anything
Other attributes

Stupid Crap you wont care aboutEdit

  • Calls you Baka if she doesnt like you (stupid in japanese)
  • Still doesnt like you the first time even if she is sane
  • Is majorly depressed and this may interfere with your conversations