Cassie is a mysterious entity, who supposedly lives in a dark forest. 

 Appearance Edit

She allegedly has, according to some sightings, 'Royal Oriental' clothing, a Red-N'-Onyx colored Checkered Hoodie, a 'Cryaotic' Masque that covers all of her face, White Neko ears, either 'Deadlox' or Cryaotic Headphones that can be either around her neck or on her head, a small mirror knotted around her neck, plain bootcut Jeans, a Jet-Black T-shirt that has " 'Sup?" written across the chest in white, ConsuroItalian BTN writing, and is covered by a green hoodie, red Converse sneakers, light skin, gloves with 'Sup Guy faces on the back of them, a black tail with a stripe of white near the tip, and Jet-Black, tight curls with highlights of white. She has a pure-white coffin with a 'Sup Guy face on it strapped to her back, and it is covered in blotches of blood. Often, there are black bats, crows, and/or ravens with  varying colored eyes flying around her, according to a few sightings. Sometimes, she has a black cloak with a hood on. Her eye color is unknown due to her strict refusal to take off her mask, but they are believed to be Crystal-Clear water Blue, clouded with blindness, or Emerald-Green. She has a silver Flute, and sometimes, sightings depict her with a cloak, that seems to conceal any possible animal in it, and they slink out from behind her when she opens the cloak like ghosts. 

Her insanity appearance is unknown. 

Sometimes, a dog may appear, and some believe it is her, due to murders happening at the exact planck time of a second of the dog's appearance. 

 Personality Edit

She is generally shy and quiet, and some believe she is entirely mute. In reality, she is severely mentally instable, and according to her backstory, she was possible responsible for hundreds of   murders, and going into what she herself refers to as Grade Z- Insanity. Despite this, her insanity goes through several stages. 

Mysteriously, she's able to know what a person will say and say it before them. She can also read thoughts and use The Way, making her beknownst to all as a psychic or straight up deadly. 

 Weapons Edit

Despite her insanity, she possesses little weapons, but is very effective with them. No one is able to see them, and is unable to be identified by the people she killed, due to how they were mutilated by an extent that the person nor weapons could be identified. She could also use magic, and could mimic any move, and know every single movement and trace of planning involving it, reinforcing the fact she may have a very keen intelligence and cognitive conscience. 

She has multiple 'spirits' that are still under speculation due to such little sightings of these different 'forms'. 

 Trivia Edit

  •  It is believed Cassie has the severe forms of the Anti-Personality Disorder, the blunted effect (she lacks remorse, regret, sadness, etc), and Schizophrenia.