Appearence: Digigrade Black Fox with white chin, chest, belly, tail tip, and legs. With cybernatic gauntlets and implants inserted into the back of his chin.

Unique abilities:

  • Shapesplit: (Anakin splits into 2 halfs into 2 bodies with current form and pre-selected form. One half is named Infinity that has Anakin's anger, strength, and toughness. The other one while is Anakin himself has his insanity, speed, and agility.
  • Anger's Rage: (Lets Anakin enter a frenzy, dangerous, state which cause him to fight aggressively and inaccurately. He surpress his victims with melee, hardly giving them a chance to respond, then overwhelms and overpowers you when he get the chance) (Appearance: Eyes and pelt will glow maroon)
  • Insanity's Rage: (Lets Anakin enter a frenzy, dangerous, state which allows him to be more sneaky and fast. He dodges wildly and attacks his victim with precision to inflict critical damage.) (Appearance: Eyes and pelt will glow very light gray)

Durability and Strength

Anakin's pelt is covered in a passive invisible aura, minimizing any type of damage to him. However aside of that. Anakin is actually extremely fragie when compare to an individul fox. His arms and legs are comparible to a hammer.