Alison was a suicidal female teenager. She was cyber-bullied daily, and verbally and physically bullied at school. Her heart is gone, her soul is gone, she herself is gone. She wanted her world to end. She wanted every single person to die, but she wanted to die with them. She wanted a friend, but no one likes her. She was called a "loser" and "mess-up" to everyone. Even if she attempted to do something right, it ends up being wrong. 


Alison logged onto her Instagram account--Alison530, and saw a bunch of notifications. Those notifications were death threats and insults. Tears rolled down her eyes, and she slammed her phone on the ground. It cracked.

Alison closed her bedroom door and started to cut. She stabbed her nail into her vein, she watched the blood trickle. She took a photo and posted it onto Instagram. She cut some more. She sliced and sliced and sliced. She whispered "f*ck my life...i want to die..just take me out of this stupid little f*cking hell called earth.."


It wasn't just online, it was school. Alison put on her sweater, covering her cuts. She walked in the hallway, and everyone stared. "Eww..what the f*ck is that b_tch wearing.." Suddenly, one of the popular girls shoved her on the ground, kicking her. Every girl joined in kicking her, calling her a slut and a whore. One of them grabbed her by the sleeve, and her cuts were shown. "Oh my f*cking god..this little imbecile has cuts! Oh my god! What a total loser!" Alison's tears were raging, and she was bleeding through her sweatshirt. She ran, but got tripped. She got back up, running out of the doors, on the street. She ran home. Her mother and father were divorced, and she lived with her father who was at work.


Alison went to her bedroom, and decided to kill herself, stabbing herself in the chest. She had a long, painful, and gruesome death. Her eyes were blood-shot, and her blood was pouring down the bed. She looked in the sky, wanting to be with him. But it was too late. She made the wrong choice. She killed herself, and there's no going back. She was happy, even if she was going to be tormented in hell, because all of those bullies were gone. Everyone.